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    Travis Brummitt (EES President)

    Eco-Logical Pest Management, LLC

ECO Also Offers:

  • IPM services and education to help homeowners on how they can maintain their property to deter unwanted pests.
  • One-Time, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Service Programs that are guaranteed
  • Low Cost Termite Renewal Warranties
  • Payment Options to suit homeowner’s needs.

Our goal at ECO is to provide our customers with information and education to help in the prevention of pests. At ECO , we do our best to offer Eco-Friendly solutions to all your pest needs. We guarantee customer service and satisfaction and offer free estimates. “Travis Brummitt

About ECO

Locally owned and operated, Eco-Logical Pest Management, LLC offers customers “Green” alternatives to or “Eco-Friendly” options to pest control.

Owner-operator Travis Brummitt is a native of Farragut, Tennessee and brings several years of pest management experience to ECO. A graduate of Farragut High School, Travis lettered in baseball at the University of Tennessee and went on to play 2 years in the Atlanta Braves organization. After several years working in the fumigation and commercial side of pest control, Travis and his wife, Valerie decided to start Eco-Logical to bring Eco-Friendly Pest Control to East Tennessee. The ECO staff, which includes a graduate entomologist, has more than 39 years of experience in the Pest Control Industry.