Residential Services

Eco-Logical Pest Management, LLC offers Eco-Friendly solutions, techniques, products and recommendations to help our customers eliminate pests in and around their home.

In addition to general pests and termites, ECO offers solutions to wood destroying organisms, crawl space moisture problems and also offers new construction whole house termite and mold prevention.

Our Residential Services include:

  1. Complete Termite Remediation and Prevention using several top notch products including products containing borates.
  2. Termite Monitoring and Baiting using the Advance Termite Bait System.
  3. Free Residential Termite Inspections for homeowners that are concerned with Termite Infestation.
  4. Mice & Rodent Control.
  5. Bio-Logical Odor Control, Drain Fly Infestation.
  6. Residential Mosquito Control, to include automated mister systems.
  7. Guaranteed Ant & Cockroach Control.